At play in the waters of Laguna's beaches...

Festival of Arts W Bradley Elsberry Booth 2016

Festival of Arts 2016

Five new seascapes fill my booth for the summer in Laguna Beach's Festival of Arts. A change of pace from my canyon vistas but you cannot get much more west than our left coast. I wanted to join in the favorite regional subject yet in my own studio style of painting. To get a different take on these oft painted locations I took the source photography with a wet camera bag standing in the splashing surf or even floating out beyond it. These wet locations with water in the foreground are no place for a plein air easel. 

A warm humid Sunset in Crystal Cove State Park CA. Here I am standing in the splash zone looking up the beach through the haze of the salt spray of the surf. I was soaking wet but who cares when our water was 76 degrees. The painting resulting from my visit is my signature piece for this summer's Festival and at five by six feet my largest yet in this show.

Crystaline Waters at Sunset    

acrylic  60" by 72" 

Papou's beach below Heisler Park with Recreation Point in the background here in Laguna Beach CA. The waves were knocking me around on this hot summer day but the shots I got led to a sunlit action filled painting. For me this painting truly captures the moment of being in this wet location that beautiful afternoon.

Summer White Splash

Acrylic    36" by 48"



This view is looking south across Table Rock beach in South Laguna.  The foamy water running up on the sand around me and it is just as a wave is breaking onto a rock formation jutting out above the sand. The low angle of the setting sun and the clouds around it, out of frame to the right, create subtle variations in the color of light hitting the rocks and waves. That varied and fleeting light was in my memory and my photographic study and compelled me to do this painting. The inspiration for my painting His Silhouette was set in Gold with Amethyst and Jade was just after this with a turn to the right.

Last Rays on the Dancing Waves

acrylic 36" by 48"

The sun here on Table Rock Beach in South Laguna is getting low and the locals have been jumping off the cliff into the surf. One young man has lingered after the others have gone and is gazing into the waters. Is he getting ready to jump or just enjoying the solitude? This exact location, and looking left down the beach a few minutes earlier produced the inspiration for my other painting Last Rays on the Dancing Waters.

His Silhouette was set in Gold with Amethyst and Jade

Acrylic 36" by 24"

Bouncing along in the water off of Divers cove here in Laguna Beach revealed to me these awesome, almost stained glass looking reflections of the sandstone cliffs and the plant life. In the reflections it is the dark line of the plants separating the blue and gold that adds to the stained glass look but it is the color of the reflected cliffs that resulted in the title. 

Floating Amber Reflections

Acrylic 36" by 24"