I have visited a lot of museums in my life, and walked up to a lot of paintings and some paintings just sang out to me, and still do. Sometimes it was a haunting whisper and sometimes it was grand Opera! But regardless they profoundly moved me.

     I found myself at a point in my life when I wanted my work to matter more. So I reached back to those moments in front of those canvases, and the most beautiful moments in my life and realized often there was a natural connection, literally.

     Landscape painters in the  19th. century began to paint the natural world around them with both truthful realism and the desire to sublimely inspire. They filled their canvases with elaborate work, not satisfied with just an essence of the place or moment, but attempting a totality of it. They were academically trained but with a new and accurate vision. Their work moved me when I discovered it. I grew up getting out into the beauty of nature and I wanted to paint my own images of places and the moments there, that had reached out to me and secured a place in my heart. And  I also hoped my images would have the power to do that to others.

     I do hope to inspire, uplift, and to please, I admit it. This work is not political, or confrontational it won't change the world, but I hope that, for some people, seeing my paintings will make their world a little better place.

      I hope my paintings may "sing out" to them.