2015 Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach is Open!

I am very glad to be showing my new works for this spring. You can find me in space #26 right next to our beautiful new rammed earth entrance walls. Oh yes... there are about 140 other Artists showing as well in this great juried show going on for over 80 years. Send me an email and I will walk you in as my guest if you can arrange to come when I am down there. I try and be there almost every evening and weekend for the entire 8 weeks.

Fascinatin Rhythms  Along the Frying Pan River. original Acrylic painting 24" by 72"

This is a new painting just finished for this show. It shows an early November snowfall melting in the warmth of the sun. This is a quiet stretch of the upper Frying Pan River below Aspen CO.

Alchemy Maple trees in autumn transition along the Virgin River in Zion National Park. 

Original Acrylic painting 36" by 48" Just finished last week for this summer's Festival of Arts.