Brad is one of our Country’s millions of military “Brats” and his family finally settled down in Irvine, California in 1972 where he graduated from University High School and went on to U.C.I. His father was in the Air Force and they had traveled extensively. He was born in Texas to an Oklahoma family descended from mostly Scotch-Irish mountain folk and some Chiricahua Apache. Yet Brad’s earliest memory is of all things, being lost in Pompeii at the age of three. While he stood fascinated taking in the art around him the rest of his group moved on without him.  Somehow the childhood terror of wandering alone in the ruins did not keep him from developing a lifelong fondness for all things ancient and the mythologies surrounding them. Classical esthetics and imagery are still a strong influence in his work.

 The family vacations as he was growing up were usually roadtrips. Often to camping destinations in our nation's most spectacular settings, our National Parks. He also spent eight years in scouting and so the outdoors became synonymous with fun and relaxation.

        The theatricality in his work is no surprise as he spent many years in theatre design. He built on that experience and moved into interior design, both residential and commercial. It was in night clubs and restaurants where he painted his largest works drawing on his scenic painting background. Spaces like that come and go, and this transitory nature of the business spurred him on towards something that would matter more both to himself and others. For a few years he supported himself sculpting classical architectural pieces that adorn a great many homes around Southern California. Finally in 2004 it was works on canvas that became the primary focus of his creative efforts. 

         For the next ten years after closing down his design and sculpture studio he became "Chief Cook and Bottlewasher" then full time caretaker for his father World War II veteran pilot  Air Force Major RG Elsberry. Of all his work he will tell you this was his greatest honor! He was able to paint canvases at home while he tended to his duties for Dad. Well, now "Majoreasy" has new wings and Brad can say the time has come to tend to  his Art.

         His definition of Art? “Art is when the physical is transformed into the spiritual” he works to have his Art make a positive difference in the quality of the lives it touches.   With his landscapes of the American west he works on painting in the tradition of the American Sublime style dating back to the Hudson River school of painting. His is a style of finely realized romantic naturalism.


           His largest public work is the Irvine Transportation Center’s fifty foot wide Irvine, Voyages and transitions historical mural. After decades of design, in both the decorative and fine art worlds, both two and three dimensional design, public and private, Brad is looking forward to his second decade with a dedicated focus in the Fine Arts. An 8 year Laguna Beach Festival of Arts exhibitor, his other previous juried shows include the Art-a-Fair, and Winter Festival of the Arts, both in Laguna Beach. Also then Malibu Arts Festival and the La Quinta Art Festival and the Beverly Hills Art Show. Brad has also had a pre opening sell-out of his Exhibit at the Las Vegas Art Expo.